In the year 2015, I traveled to Uganda to visit my husband’s home and site of his organization called Nyaka AIDS Orphan Project. Upon arrival, I learned that a thirty five year old man had raped a nine-year-old girl that weekend. The adults around her knew of the incident and did nothing about it. She was in school the following Monday as if nothing had ever occurred. I later learned that a five-year-old girl in the village was raped by her grandfather leaving her HIV positive. Another fourteen-year-old girl in a neighboring village has been repeatedly raped by her father since she was four years old. She still resides with him today despite efforts to seek help and safety ...

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Combatting Child abuse, Sexual Assault & Domestic violence in Sub-Saharan Africa


Edja Foundation envisions a society where every woman and child is safe and protected from abuse.


Establish Coalitions of men who advocate for survivors and enforce prevention measures.



Our fighters need an education, just like any other child. Because of Stigma attached to rape, one of our fighters was pulled out of school after she reported her rape. Her uncle told her that he “would never pay for a prostitute’s education.”

Edja economically empowers the guardians in order for them to support our fighters, educates the community, victims, police officers and health providers. Edja consults for other organizations that are working toward eradicating abuse and stigma attached.


Two of our fighters, 5 and 4 1/2 years old, were both raped and infected with HIV/AIDS virus. Edja ensures that they get medical attention and mental health counseling.


Uganda requires that a victim pays a “holding fee” in order to keep the perpetrator incarcerated. Due to corruption and poverty in the area we serve, most victims cannot afford the fee, when they do, the perpetrator can pay a higher amount as a bribe to the police.

A father raped his daughter from the time she was 4years old for 10 years. Before Edja, the perpetrator, would only stay in jail for a week, then let back in the same home as the child. Edja ensures fighter’s safety and justice to be served.


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